Master of Education:
Secondary Education-Biology


General Goals of the Master of Education in Secondary Education-Biology

General goals which are consistent with the mission and strategic goals of Blue Mountain College have been established for the graduate program in secondary education - biology. These general goals are to:

Course Requirements

The 31-33 semester hour program of study for the Master of Education in Secondary Education – Biology includes 15 semester hours of required coursework, with one course focusing on the historical background of the Biological Sciences and four professional Education courses focusing on research, instructional design, assessment, and reading/literacy in the content areas. Another 16-18 semester hours of content in the Biological Sciences is required; students must take at least one course with a laboratory. The 18 semester hour Biological Sciences content option would qualify a student to teach Biological Sciences content at the college level. Course descriptions are found below.

BY 580

History of Biology

ED 600

Reading and Research in Education


ED 605

Instructional Design


ED 610

Assessing Teaching and Learning


ED 653

Reading/Literacy in the Content Areas








Teaching Field Courses
(Student chooses 16-18 semester hours from the following, including at least one course with a lab)

BY 520

Special Topics in Biology

1-4 semester hours

BY 530


3 semester hours

BY 560


3 semester hours

BY 600

Advanced General Microbiology & Lab

4 semester hours

BY 617

Plant Taxonomy & Lab

4 semester hours

BY 630

Advanced General Zoology & Lab

4 semester hours